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Vybronics - one of largest suppliers of cylindrical & coin vibration motors


Vybronics  (fka Jinlong Machinery & Electronics) was established in 1998 and is one of the most experienced companies in the industry. Based in China with a New York City sales & support office, Vybronics is focused solely on haptic feedback products and technology.  We offer a wide range of technologies that include ERM coin vibration motors, smd smd reflow, linear resonant actuators / linear vibration motors and BLDC brushless.  We are known for being “first to market” with new and innovative haptic feedback products. Vybronics vibration motors are manufactured in China based factories located in Whenzhou, ChongQing, Huaibei City and Shenzhen China.  Total factory floor space exceeds 105,000 sq-m with a staff of more than 3100 employees. Among these are 280 engineers/technical personnel with intermediate or senior titles.  Current production capacity is over 45 million DC vibration motors per month.

At Vybronics both quality and the environment are of great to concern to us, and to this end all motors are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories using advanced Japanese production and testing equipment that was introduced in the nineties.   All motors are both RoHS and REACH compliant.