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Vybronics - one of largest suppliers of cylindrical & coin vibration motors

Welcome to Vybronics

In business since 1998, Vybronics is one of largest manufacturers of LRA, SMD & coin vibration motors. Production lines are located in Vietnam & China. Sales engineering offices are located in Asia and New York City. Our vibrating motors have a well deserved reputation for being reliable, high quality and competitively priced. Motors are available in a variety of technologies including ERM, Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) and BLDC brushless. 


The use of ERM motors to produce vibrotactile feedback was pioneered by Namiki in 1984 when Motorola introduced their iconic  BPR-2000 numeric display pager which employed a powerful 7 mm diameter, brush type, cylindrical ERM vibration motor. This vibrotactile transducer was used to generate a “Silent Alert” and was an expensive optional feature. Technology to manufacture coreless micro motors was exported from Japan to China and subsequently motor prices dropped dramatically.  Today haptic feedback is expected as a standard feature and new technologies abound such as SMD surface mount, coin linear resonant actuators (LRA) & piezo.  Vybronics’ tactile actuators are used to generate vibratory haptic feedback in many diverse applications such as cellphones, wearables, display panels and augmented / virtual reality hardware using HD haptics.  Vybronics’ coreless DC Micro Motors are used in everything from drones to smart electronic locks.   We have experienced applications engineers to help you choose the right vibrating motor or we can design / manufacture a motor to meet your specific requirements.   For further information Contact Vybronics 


If one of our standard vibration motors does not meet your requirements,  we can offer you a customized version as follows:

  • adding connectors
  • custom wire lengths
  • custom mounting brackets
  • custom electrical / mech. specs
  • custom silicone rubber boots
  • custom motor capsules
  • custom flexible printed circuits
  • custom LRA design

Please contact us with your requirements for a custom vibrating motor.