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In haptic feedback applications careful consideration must be given to ensure the ERM vibration motor is properly mounted / secured.  This is key to ensuring the user will receive the correct level haptic feedback. The “correct”  level of haptic feedback ( G force / frequency / pattern) is very subjective and a usability study should be done with multiple participants to determine the optimal combination. The vibration motor should be mounted in such a way as not to cause unwanted mechanical chatter / noise between the motor body and the surface it is mounted against.   Such unwanted noises can be produced by a vibration motor that is loosely mounted to the device, another part within the device that is oscillating or resonance effects.  Vibration motors that are not designed to be PCB mounted, are typically mounted in a recessed pocket that is molded into the products housing.  This is the preferred method of mounting as the vibration energy is coupled directly to the devices housing where it can be best felt by the user, without being substantially dampened.

In touch screen haptic feedback applications, the vibration motor can be mounted directly to the surface of frame of the display assembly or a PCB that is mechanically coupled to this assembly.

While leaded components may be used, compression spring contacts are ideally suited for this application. Use of such vibration motors will also eliminate time consuming secondary operations such as the hand soldering of lead wires, and soldering of through hole pins. They also can be easily replaced in the field should they fail.

A compression spring vibration motor may be mounted by molding a pocket into the shell of the devices housing. PCB contact pads mate with the contacts on the vibration motor. We can provide you with 3-D CAD files to aid you in the design process.

We do not have an official design guide or white page.  For confidentiality reasons,  information pertaining to our customers designs can not be disclosed due.  Fortunately, there is plentiful information available that is in the public domain.  We have provided photos of actual products that exemplify how our vibration motors can be mounted.   The cellphones and other devices pictured below are discontinued models and may be inexpensively purchased from sites such as ebay.com.

Another recommendation is to visit sites that offer “Tear Downs” of devices that in some cases show how the vibration motor is mounted. Such sites are: