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Vybronics VG1040003D
Model Number: VG1040003D
(old p/n: G1040003D)

10 mm x 4 mm | 2.5 Vrms | 170hz | LRA Z-Axis

At an impressive 2 Grms the VG1040003D produces the highest G force / vibration energy of any coin shaped vibration motor. The rise time (50% power)  is a blazing 10 ms, fall time (10% power) 50ms, makes it one of the best choices for haptic feedback applications. Even faster times can be achieved with a haptic driver.   This LRA is used in large cellphones like Samsungs'  Galaxy Z Flip 3 and  Samsung Galaxy S21 .   Due to this LRA's wide bandwidth , the use of Haptic drivers ( ie.  TI  drivers)    that make use of  "auto -resonance" detection will be problematic.    If using such a driver, you will need to disable the auto-resonance  calibration feature and manually set the driver for the resonant frequency of the LRA.  The  Dongwoon Anatech Part # DW7914A    and  Renesas (formerly Dialog Semiconductor)  DA728x Series Haptic driver IC are also viable options.   A configuration file is available for the DA728x driver.  This device is designed to be mounted in a molded recessed pocket in the products housing. PCB mounted contact springs or pogo pings mate with coin LRA's contacts pads.   PCBA contact springs are made by TE as well as other companies.    If you need wire leads, you can solder wires to these contact pads, however the wire must be thin and flexible (UL3302  AWG 32 /34) else the adhesive holding the FPC to the metal base may separate and the FPC lift upward.   This motor is currently only available in this configuration. Customizations will be considered if the project volume is in excess of 1 million / year. 

CLICK HERE to see photos of how coin motors have been mounted in products.

Summary Of Specifications
Technology Type: LRA
Diameter (mm): 10.0
Thickness (mm): 4.0
Rated Voltage (Vac RMS): 2.5
Operating Voltage (Vac RMS): 0.1~2.5
Rated Current MAX (mA): 170
Typical Current (mA): 145
Rise Time (ms) MAX *: 10
Fall Time (ms) MAX *: 50
Resonant Frequency: 170
Vibration Force (Grms): 2.00
* at 50% of Maximum G force
Packaging Spec
Part Packaging: Plastic Tray
Qty per reel / tray: 50
Quantity - Master box: 4000
Size - Master Box: 51*35*17.5CM
Weight - Master Box: Call us
USA HTS TARIFF: 8501.10.4020
25% Exclusion Code: 9903.88.67
25% Ex. Code Valid: thru Sept 30 2023
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VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor drawing

This part is not authorized for Life Supporting Devices
None of the products offered for sale by us are authorized for use in any device that:

  1. is surgically implanted into the body
  2. supports or sustains life, and whose failure to perform as per our specification,
    may result in serious injury or death of the user.

VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 04VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 05VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 06VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 07VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 08VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 09VG1040003D (old p/n G1040003D) LRA Coin Vibration Motor Data 10