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Vybronics - one of largest suppliers of cylindrical & coin vibration motors



Connectors may be added to any of our leaded vibration motors. Choose from any of the following options:

Specify a Connector You Wish to Use 

Advise us what connector type you wish to use, and we will quote lead time and minimum order quantity.  Price quote will be for our motor with connector mounted on the wire leads.   Please note that we use a sub-contractor to fabricate these cable assemblies and we are subject to their minimum quantities, which are typically higher than if the motor alone was ordered, without the connector.

Due to supply chain issues with Japanese connector manufacturers (JST, Hirose, Molex, SMK etc),  we routinely get quoted lead times of 4 to 6 months with very high MOQ.  Sometimes these connectors are available IN STOCK from various distributors but prices are “SPOT MARKET”  prices and can be quite high, with inventory subject to prior sale.


Use One of Our Standard Connectors

We highly recommend ACES connectors.   They have provided us with fast lead times, high quality and low prices.  They are a mature Taiwanese based company with China based factories and offices.  They also have offices in Taiwan, Japan, India, Singapore and the USA.     DigiKey is an Authorized Distributor.     See:      https://www.acesconn.com/contact3


We can supply our leaded vibration motors with the connector types listed below.    Please note that we do not have an export license to supply the mating PCB side of this connector.    Please contact the connector manufacturer or their local distributor.


Supply us With Your Cable Assembly

As we do not attach connectors at our facilities, you can supply us with a cable that already has your connector mounted. This cable assembly can be supplied to us by the connector manufacturer or by a cable assembly contractor of your choosing. If the motor is a cylindrical motor and the wire passes though its end cap, the wire can not have an outside diameter larger than we are currently using. We typically use UL3302  wire made by SUMITOMO

It may be purchased in China from: http://www.shdsyg.cn/dsyg/?language=en

The wire you supply must have the same dimensions as this wire.

For cylindrical motors, the end the wire must be stripped to 0.5 mm , not tinned.

Drawings for cable assemblies must be sent to us for approval. Once approved, you must send samples to us as well as samples of the PCB side of the connector which will be used to make test jigs to test the motor assemblies during mass production.


Add the Connectors Yourself

When installing your own connectors on our vibration motors please take note of the wire gauge (typically AWG 30 or 32) and make sure it can be used with your connector. For cylindrical motors, we can not supply a larger diameter wire than is currently used as it will not pass through the holes in the rear of the motors plastic end cap. We can supply any of our coin vibration motors without wires thereby enabling you to solder your cable assembly directly to the motors PCB pads.