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10 mm x 2.7 mm | 3 V | Coin Vibration Motor

The Vybronics VC1026B002F flat vibration motor, is one of our most popular offerings. It combines both a low profile and cost effective pricing. We can add a variety of connectors to the end of the wire leads. Click here for details. If you have a different connector you would like to install, please forward a data sheet to us and we will advise if it is possible for us to connect it during the manufacturing process. This coin vibration motor is supplied with a self adhesive tape which may be used to mount it to your PCB or to the inner wall of your products housing.

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10 mm x 2.7 mm | 3 V | Coin Vibration Motor

Our VC1027B001D is identical to our VC1026B002F, except that it has no wire leads. This coin motor has soldering pads that will allow you to connect your own cable assembly or flex circuit. We recommend you coat the solder connection to this motor with an epoxy or suitable glue. This will insulate the connection as well as provide mechanical stability when the motor is vibrating. We currently use Loctite 326 on our production line for this purpose. All of our coin motors with wire leads are available in this configuration. Please inquire for details.