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7 mm x 2 mm | 3 V | Coin Vibration Motor

Measuring only 7 mm x 2 mm the C0720B001 is one of the smallest coin vibration motors available.  It has solderable contact pads on both the top and bottom of the FPC which allowing it to be connected directly to a PCB  using a "hot bar soldering" machine.  It was specifically designed for wearable devices and has won wide acceptance by major industry players in the fitness tracker and medical device markets. As this motor is relatively expensive, we recommend you use this motor only if your design cannot utilize one of our lower priced 8mm or 10mm diameter coin vibration motors. If purchased in minimum lots of 10K pcs we can supply it with a custom FPC (flexible printed circuit). If you require adhesive on the rear of this vibration motor, we can supply it with 3M 467 which will add 0.05 mm to the overall thickness of the motor. Order part number VC0720B013F if you need this motor with double stick tape adhesive.